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Car Market:
Let's talk about cars here. This is FeedFans Car Market.
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comre · Nov 24 '18
In A Look At The New 2020 Range Rover Evoque - Photos
Our Country Politics End Here, Are You from Africa, Asia, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, Australia Wherever You're from Publish about your country Politics here.
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admin · Dec 6 '18
In JUST IN: Turkey, Russia slam US call for ending Syria peace talks in Astana
World Jobs/Vacancies:
Job/Employment Opportunities; Vacancies In the world End Here
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comre · Nov 19 '18
In Rossland Group Massive Job Recruitment (97 Positions)
World Agriculture:
FeedFans love farming, the business and science of crop and livestock production, Agric Science, Agric Economics, etc.
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Enyinnaya · Oct 15 '18
Discuss cats/kittens, dogs/puppies and other pets in the world. Buy and sell them here.
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Enyinnaya · Oct 15 '18
Write about your life and let the whole world read you. You won't even be interrupted by comments. Restricted to FeedFans members only!
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Delicious foods, Sweet Wins and how to prepare them. Anything about food or drink goes here. This is the FeedFans kitchen and Food/Drink Market!
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admin · Oct 12 '18
In 5 Delicious Soups And Delicacies You Should Try! See Photos
World Education:
FeedFans World Students Forum: Primary and secondary school, universities, polytechnics, et cetera. Let's talk about our Country Education Here
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comre · Nov 8 '18
In School Principal Becomes A Student For One Day - PHOTOS
Share your faith and belief in God or higher powers here.
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comre · Oct 16 '18
In Restoring The Lost Love
Different Country's languages, traditions, practices, et cetera. Lets talk about our Culture here.
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comre · Oct 24 '18
In National Festival
Marriage/Family issues including husband to wife, parent to child, sibling and extended family.
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admin · Dec 6 '18
In Advice Me, How Can I Seek Custody Of My Child
Real Estate: Land, Houses, Flats, Etc. Ends here.
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comre · Dec 7 '18
In Piece Of Land At Ibafo for Sale
Health related topics end here.
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comre · Nov 8 '18
In How Passenger Slumps, Dies At Airport
Tourism, travel. Interesting destinations in your local area and abroad and motoring!
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comre · Dec 7 '18
In NEMA Receives 193 Nigerians From Libya
Alert the Whole world about natural disaster, accident or a natural catastrophe that causes great damage or loss of life, Let's report fire outbreak, anything alarming here.
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comre · Nov 20 '18
In Fire Breaks Out Inside Federal Polytechnic While Students Were Sleeping
Cars, motorbikes, airplanes, et cetera
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comre · Nov 23 '18
In All-new 2019 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque SUV
National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Discussions. Corpers, etc. Strictly for Nigerians
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For Investors. Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) Stocks, Bonds, T-bills, Real-Estate, etc.
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Enyinnaya · Oct 20 '18
In Police Nab Fleeing ‘Billionaire’ Ponzi Scheme Operator
Talk about Entrepreneurship, Startups, Economics, etc here
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comre · Nov 13 '18
In 10 Fastest Ways to Make Money Online
Talk about workplace experiences and incidents, professional training and certification, career management, etc. Employed, self-employed, job seekers.
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comre · Dec 7 '18
In Applying For Jobs In Countries You Don't Have Work Permit
Expose Crime in Society here. Talk about crime related issues here.
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comre · Nov 23 '18
In Fake Blind Beggars Using Rented Kids, Arrested
Let's help the poor, the needy, Motherless,Fatherless Children, Orphans, Charity Organizations, Fund Raising, Helping hands, Operation Feed the Nations of the World, NOTE: Please FLAG any fraud or false activity from any user trying to abuse this section... This section is strictly for the poor and how we can help them.
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Lets share art work here, Discuss your culture and heritage with other feedfans users...
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Enyinnaya · Oct 31 '18
In Igbos Celebrate New Yam Festival In Ghana (Photos)
Let talk about money, finance,currencies etc
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Enyinnaya · Oct 22 '18
In How To Manage Money As A Nigerian In Your 20s
Lets talk security and safety tips. All security related topics end here.
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comre · Nov 19 '18
In New Terrorist Group Emerge In North-East
DATING Topics Replies Last Reply
Discuss dating, courtship, and romance in marriage Here
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comre · Dec 12 '18
In I am Impotent and Frustrated
Meet Up/Hook Up Zone:
A place to hook up with fellow FeedFans members and find love!
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comre · Nov 14 '18
In With These Discoveries, Can I Continue With Her?
Any topics that are more about sex and sexuality should go here. For Matured Minds Please
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admin · Dec 6 '18
In Things A Woman Should Avoid During Her Monthly Cycle In Other To Stay Healthy
Christian Lovers
Single Christian Lovers Meet Here. Share Christian love stories, experience and challenges here.
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Relationship Tips
Lean best ways to build sound and Godly Relationship with Your Lover. Let's learn from other users experience, challenges from their past and present relationship.
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comre · Oct 20 '18
In 5 Reasons You Should Never Date A Broke Girl
Muslim Lovers:
Single Muslim lovers Meet Here, share Muslim love stories, experience and challenges here.
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Married Couples:
Married Couples Meet Here: Talk about Family life here, Child's upbringing, how to train our children, Family challenges, issues and how to solve it.
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comre · Oct 27 '18
In Woman Who Gave Birth At The Age Of 67 After 40 Years Of Marriage, Tells Her Story
ENTERTAINMENT: Topics Replies Last Reply
World Sports; and we love soccer and many other sports! Lets talk about it here.
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comre · Oct 23 '18
In I Will Not Jubilate If I Score Against Man United – Ronaldo
Jokes and Riddles:
Riddles and jokes that fellow FEEDFANS USERS can appreciate.
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Enyinnaya · Oct 15 '18
In Joke: Ekene and the Boss
Birthdays, Weddings, other Occasions. Planning, Announcement, Gifts.
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Clothes, Dresses, Make-up Routines, and Modeling End Here.
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Local television programmes, local and foreign movies available in the world.
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Enyi · Oct 10 '18
In "BODIED" A Rap Battle Movie By EMINEM
Talk about your favorite songs, music albums, artists and bands. Sale your music Beats, Songs, etc here
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Celebrity obsession, Nollywood gossip, ghallywood, World Movie, Movie industry, Celebrity Gossips, etc.
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Enyinnaya · Oct 14 '18
In Singer Timi Dakolo: My Wife Blocked Me On Whatsapp After A Heated Argument
Welcome to the world of computer, Internet, video, and board games. Xbox, PS2, Chess, whatever! Lets talk it here.
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Here is for writers and lovers of books.
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FeedFans Forum Games:
Play various addictive forum games with fellow members of feedfans.
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Inspiration / QUOTES
Inspire and motivate other feedfans users, write wisdom words, quotes, inspiring message etc
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Enyinnaya · Oct 30 '18
In Surround Yourself With This Kind Of People
Share your wedding pictures here, pre-wedding photos, wedding advise, wedding planing advise etc
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SCIENCE / TECHNOLOGY: Topics Replies Last Reply
Technology Market:
Buy and sell Phones, Computers and PC accessories here. 
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comre · Nov 16 '18
In The MTN Customer Care Voice Lady
Everything about Software programming, development of applications.
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Website design and development, management of forums, blogs, wikis, and all sorts of websites.
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World GSM networks, telephone companies, et cetera. ISPs, Modems, Websites, etc.
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comre · Nov 22 '18
In Here is 20 Mind Blowing Facts About Your Smartphones
Personal Computing, etc.
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comre · Nov 13 '18
In Here is 100 Computer Keyboard Shortcuts (windows) You Need To Know
Graphics & Video:
Digital Video and Film, Computer Graphics and Animation. Tips, Tricks & Tools.
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Talk about google, network, modem, yahoo, research. All internet topics end here.
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Enyinnaya · Oct 15 '18


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